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Nano Contestant

Leif Sterling

Fans of the Hunger Games and Sci-Fi Thrillers will love the new Nano Contestant Series!

NANO CONTESTANT SERIES: Episode 1 of 12 Serialized Episodes

In 2114, Pinnacle Corporation, the world’s largest tech company, hosts the Tech Games to showcase the world’s latest technology. The contestants must battle it out in 11 brutal games to ultimately win a $100 million prize!

These digital and hybrid athletes must use everything at their disposal in order to take that prize and all of its glory in the Tech Games.

Hacking, firewalls and electronic countermeasures are all being used by each contestant while running and fighting at top speed. It’s all on the line, because nothing is being left on the table!

EPISODE 1 - Whatever It Takes

How far would you go to save your family?

Roland has vowed to save his father’s life and get him set free - no matter what it takes. Entering the brutal Tech Games as a contestant gives Roland the perfect cover to get close to the Pinnacle Corporation and try to uncover evidence that would free his father.

But first, he must qualify by demonstrating a new, state of the art technology - implanted in his own body. With the Tech Games deadline closing fast, he must risk his own life with untested nanotech, or he will lose his chance to save his father’s life forever.

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