This is a corded headset so you will need a bottom cable or an amplifier


All corded headsets require a bottom cable or an amplifier to work with your device. The great upside to this headset is the active noise cancellation (ANC) and the additional talk and standby time. It’s a nice headset for use with a computer. For extremely loud environments here we have a dual ear circumaural corded headset. This is a corded headset so you will need a bottom cable or an amplifier. This CORDED binaural (covers both ears) headphone has a little passive noise canceling (think of resting earphones over your ears without any sound playing). This wireless Bluetooth headset would be great for a loud environment. This is a pro headset with digital signal processing, acoustic echo cancellation, wideband audio, dynamic equalizer, and noise-cancelling. The only downside to this headset is the lack of Bluetooth capability but still an awesome headset. Smith Corona is the only headset manufacturer to include aFREE bottom disconnect cord* with each headset purchased! This headset also has a nice omni directional boomless mics to help pick up your voice. Similar to the above, if you’re in a mild to moderately noisy environment, this dual eared wireless headset will be an awesome choice. You can pair this headphone with a PC/USB switch that will enable you to use this headset with a corded desk phone. Choose from over 100 different corded headsets, in one and two ear styles. This is a great entry level corded headset. If you’re in a call center environment or have really loud background noise, this is the best corded noise canceling headset. This is a new wireless USB headset by Sennheiser. As a bonus this headset comes with 3 different wearing styles, headband, ear hook, and neckband. This bad boy is a great wireless headset without breaking the bank. What makes this headset unique is that it has active noise canceling but it’s a corded USB headset. No longer will you have to choose between a rugged corded headset or a Bluetooth only headset. This is a corded USB headset with active noise canceling. It is the most secure headset on the market. You don’t really see any corded headsets with active noise canceling but here. This headset has a great noise canceling mic and WideBand audio. A great headset for the casual user. This headset is the newest addition to the noise canceling earphones/microphone headsets. The cool thing about this headset is it has active noise canceling. If you’re not working, you can still use this headset to listen to music. Out of all of the wireless Bluetooth headsets, this headset provides the longest range of up to 150ft through the computer.